urban outfitters

What a terrible hood ornament.


Unfortunately the quiz–fine, “survey”–was multiple choice and not short answer, so I took care of that myself.

Oh, heads up, I decided to answer the survey like I was a settler on the prairie.

I mean, Sarah Plain and Tall was no Maxxinista, you know?

“That’s Urban Outfitters? Wow. I used to shop there before they got so prosaic. I mean, Urban Outfitters is great,” I said, between mouthfuls of quinoa. “If you like that mainstream thing.”

Urban Outfitters’ lengths actually operate on two levels exclusively: Outer-District-of-Panem Sister-Wife and Hipster Car Wash.

They download a lot of hot UO tracks to listen to while they’re digging their wells and stuff out there in Walnut Grove.

It’s tough out there for a settler!

There were other questions — it wasn’t just a disjunct ee cummings approach to numbering — but my screenshots failed, and now I can’t get back in. Can’t imagine why! (Just kidding, I didn’t even submit this, because I like following the rules too much.) And finally, one piece of credit to UO: I once ordered a pair of boots or a jacket or something, only to return them — and the return process was really simple and efficient.

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It’s the perfect bag to carry when you’re wearing your boyfriend’s signal red moose sweatshirt and your cloven-foot Siberian camo wedges.


From the Lisa Frank ‘Equus’ line, this pattern is “Natty, Faded Ghost of Seabiscuit.”