Okay, so if I didn’t send this to you, you really ought to read this USA Today Life story about America’s favorite topic: HOOK-UP CULTURE.

“Men don’t have to work as hard as they used to, to woo a woman,” he says. “I’ve talked to various interviewees who had never been on a date, which doesn’t really make sense, given they’re pretty attractive. It’s just that less seems to be required to be in the company of a woman.”

Justin Garcia, a State University of New York doctoral fellow at Binghamton (N.Y.) University who conducts research on hookups, says this general lack of dating means many young adults don’t even know how to get a relationship started.

“For the majority of students, they’re not going to dinner and a movie unless they’ve hooked up with someone. Some physical interaction comes before the dating,” he says. Often, “dates happen after a relationship, rather than before.”

Those two statements capture it better than anything else, no? And this article even goes to lengths to properly use “hook-up” in sentences.

Anyway, their theory is the increasing gender imbalance has magicked girls into ABC Family’s Lord of the Flies 2: The Amazon Ho, which Andy Ferguson at The Weekly Standard also touched on as well a few weeks ago. Mike Warren and I threw around some theories as to what’s changed in the last decade that would engender such a shift in the way people…relate, and I settled on this one:

Facebook is a contributing factor.

I realize that sounds stupid, so you’ll have to let me stab Malcolm Gladwell for a minute.

Contine reading…