Questions we didn’t know would be on or anywhere near the table in 2010: Megan or Dr. Faye?

October 19, 2010

So, two things happened to me during the Mad Men finale: I became my grandmother, and in becoming my grandmother, I realized that I am far too invested in the lives of fictional characters’ children. Fun fact: The phrase “I became my grandmother” is hilariously close to Don’s hand on Megan’s ass.

Anyway, a few years ago, we were at my grandparents old house in Florida, I think on Christmas day, sitting at the kitchen table while my grandmother cooked on one side of the kitchen, sort of removed from the conversation. Somebody came over for to visit, and was detailing a story in which a couple who had recently had a child was preparing to move some place weird (like, the Balkans), and we’re hearing about all the reasons, and what they’ll be doing there, when they’ll be going, and so on and so on, when in comes my grandmother, booming from the other side of the kitchen, with the edge of Lower Alabama:


Not even a question! More like a demand!

I know, critically, a lot of people have discussed the concept of the show making a mistake (wrong) vs. Don making a mistake in marrying Megan, but I’m not even sure about the latter. From a critical perspective, I tend to come out more on the side of Mo Ryan of TV Squad on this thing, or even with Matt Weiner in his Times interview talking about addressing the person you are (Faye) vs. venturing into the future and the person you could be (Megan).

But, y’all, as a consumer of television, I had a Sadye Duda moment when I was actually watching it. I don’t care that Dr. Faye knows Don’s history, understands Don, is seen by Don as a peer, and would not wait on the train platform for the Don Draper Skeeze Express — bitch ain’t good with kids. And guess what? Don has children. With a horrible, camp monster for a mother, who apparently isn’t getting any better any time soon. Nearly their only hope for normalcy is Megan. I don’t even care if marrying her is a terrible idea potentially from a critical narrative or within-the-narrative character perspective. Get her in there! Yesterday! Milkshakes for everybody! WHAT ABOUT THE BABY, etc.

What do y’all think? Megan or Faye? Light up a cigarette, smile while saying “Whatever could be on your mind?” and vote below, or hit the comments.

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Creepy Stalker October 19, 2010 at 10:33 pm


Think about it: Don Draper doesn’t need a peer. He doesn’t need someone who understands him. Dr. Faye is the choice someone clingy & needy would have made. That would have been the most out-of-character choice of all.

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